artist statement

kimberly showers

Inspiration finds me while pedaling or hiking through the woods, driving alone while blaring tunes, shampooing my hair during a groggy morning shower, and just existing in this wild world as a woman and as a mother.

As a young kid, my grandfather turned me loose in his makeshift basement studio with his beautifully organized oil paints, sharp pencils, and all manner of surfaces to create upon. He was always finding forms and faces in natural materials and everyday objects (did you know there’s a name for this? pareidolia!) and he shared this magical way of seeing the world with me.

For as long as I can remember, painting and drawing has been a therapeutic (and, quite plainly, FUN) way for me to map out the impressions and emotions spilling from my mind.

I paint what I want to look at.

I hope when you see it, it sparks something for you, too!